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Digital X-rays, cameras & lasers

Protect Your Health with Digital X-Rays in Kanata

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X-rays are an important tool for Dr. Assad to detect problems with your teeth and jaw. Many of these problems, such as decay developing under a filling, could not be detected by a simple visual examination.

A More Accurate Diagnosis

Digital X-rays produce less radiation than conventional X-rays and provide higher quality images that can be adjusted for a clearer view. This results in a more accurate diagnosis through our ability to enlarge images and adjust brightness, colour and contrast. Digital X-rays can be displayed quickly on our LCD screens and are more environmentally friendly. There is no long waiting time and no harsh chemicals needed to develop film.

Dr. Assad will pinpoint the problem areas to you. It gives you a true picture of your dental needs. Should your condition require the particular skills of a specialist, your X-rays can be sent by email without delay. Thanks to new software that provides enhanced visuals, Dr. Assad can show your dental condition to you in a precise manner. He can then explain, discuss and plan your treatment with you.

X-rays need to be taken at intervals to monitor your dental and complete oral health. The interval depends on your medical and dental history and on your present condition. If you have good oral health and no particular problems, the interval may be as long as five years. Ask Dr. Assad about your own situation.

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