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Read About Dental Benefits & Find Answers to Your Questions

Dental insurance coverage is common but no two insurance companies offer exactly the same coverage.


You should also be aware that the full cost of treatments, however necessary and beneficial to you,  may not entirely be covered by insurance companies. Remember that an insurance company is a profit-oriented business. Therefore, premiums collected must cover benefits paid out and the company's own expenses in order to turn a profit for shareholders. In general, this means that your dental benefits may not cover all of the treatment cost. In some cases, it’s possible that a treatment would not be covered at all. Always keep in mind that your treatment needs and dental benefits don’t necessarily coincide.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises or disappointments, Kanata North Dental Offices advises you to check your benefits booklet or ask your benefits advisor (or insurance company) the following questions:

On what year of the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) fee guide is my dental insurance based?
What is my yearly maximum benefit coverage? Is basic and major combined?
How often am I covered for a new patient exam?
When was my last new patient exam?
How often is a recall exam covered —6, 9 or 12 months? Is it on a calendar or rolling year? Is the coverage the same for adults and children?
How often is polishing covered, and how many units per year are covered?
How often is fluoride treatment covered per year for adults and children?
When was my last scaling, polishing, fluoride and recall exam?
How many units of time for scaling (tartar removal) are covered per year? Are there additional units available if needed? 1 unit = 15 minutes; 2 units = 30 minutes; 3 units = 45 minutes; 4 units = 60 minutes; 6 units = 90 minutes.
How many scaling units have I used this year?
How often is bitewing radiographs covered? Am I eligible now?
Is periodontal assessment covered?

Now that you have all your questions answered and you have checked to see what your benefits actually cover, our friendly front desk team will assist with your insurance claim and make it hassle-free. We will send your claim electronically to your insurance company, which usually results in a quicker reimbursement for you.

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