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Our Kanata Dental Clinic Offers Comfortable Anesthesia & Injections

We know that a large number of people fear needles. Kanata North Dental Office understands and feels sympathetic toward you. If you are afflicted by the fear of needles, or rather the fear of pain associated with needles, tell us about it. Dr. Assad makes every effort to alleviate the pain and make the process of local anesthesia as comfortable as possible.

The causes of pain with local anesthesia by injection are well identified:

  • The surprise and discomfort of feeling a cold liquid in our warm body
  • The pressure caused by the sudden injection of liquid anesthetic in a very confined area
  • The prick of the needle itself

The following are methods Dr. Assad uses to diminish or even eliminate pain completely:

  • Warm anesthetic: If the liquid is nearer the body temperature, there is not thermal shock
  • Gradual injection: Injecting the liquid anesthetic slowly allows it to numb the area as it flows in
  • Topical anesthetic: Dr. Assad starts by numbing the area to inject with a powerful topical anesthetic. You hardly feel the prick of the needle
  • Needle size and sharpness: Dr. Assad uses very tiny and very sharp needles that he inserts slowly

Many of Dr. Assad’s patients have mentioned how pleasantly surprised they were to barely feel the needle or to not feel it at all!

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