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Improve Your Smile with Innovative Teeth Alignment in Kanata

Six Month Braces®, Six Month Smiles® and Invisalign® are innovative systems for teeth alignment at our Kanata dental centre, which use clear or tooth-coloured enamel braces and shape memory tooth-coloured archwires. These orthodontic systems, available at Kanata North Dental Office, will gently move your teeth to the desired position as the archwires return to their original shape.

Low-Pressure Force Avoids Bruising & Results in Faster Movement

These effective systems apply a low-pressure force to your teeth which avoids bruising of the periodontal ligament. Bruising often leads to days or weeks of healing time before teeth movement can resume. The end result is a more regular, faster and more comfortable movement of teeth through the jawbone and into the desired position.

Treatments are gentle on teeth and gums and have little effect on root resorption. Even better, they are practically free of discomfort.

Since the process is quick, Dr. Assad will need to see you every five to six weeks to check progress and make adjustments. A light reshaping of enamel between teeth to ensure you have adequate space may be needed.

braces on false teeth

Treatments Generally Range from Three to Nine Months

The treatment for Six Month Braces® and Six Month Smiles® is generally completed in ten visits over a six to nine month period.  Following treatment, you will need to wear a retainer for a specified number of weeks to prevent your teeth from going back to their former, inadequate position. This is done to ensure you receive superior, long-lasting results.

Six Month Braces® and Six Month Smiles® are all short-term treatments with the objective of providing a nicer and more even smile. They are not appropriate for patients who need comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Talk to Dr. Assad to find out if Six Month Braces® and Six Month Smiles® will provide the desired result in your situation.

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