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Ottawa & Kanata Night Guards to Help with TMJ, Clenching & Grinding

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Are you clenching and grinding your teeth, especially during sleep? We all do at one time or another. However, for some people, this condition (known as bruxism) can become a real problem and may lead to TMJ disorders. This results in a chronic inflammation of the joint between the jaw and the skull. Kanata North Dental Office, a family dentistry in the Ottawa area since 1996, may have your solution.

Do You Have the Following Symptoms?

You should consult your physician and your dentist if clenching or grinding your teeth results in the following symptoms:

  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain (morning)
  • Earaches (morning)
  • Discomfort when chewing

Bruxism can lead to serious consequences if the condition is at the point where you are wearing out your teeth. You may experience gum recession and even tooth loss.

Find Relief from Discomfort & Pain

A simple, custom-fit night guard may help you considerably and bring relief from discomfort and pain. At Kanata North Dental Office, we offer two types of night guards.

Conventional Flat Splint Night Guards

This type of night guard is custom made from acrylic. They are full coverage bite guards that provide good results. Conventional flat splint appliances can be fabricated and adjusted in a short time after impressions are taken.

night guard in hand

NTI Night Guards

These night guards only attach to your upper or lower front teeth and effectively prevent back teeth from touching. The purpose is to relieve the pressure which is causing your problem. These appliances are more comfortable to wear and more effective than conventional ones. NTI night guards have been shown to significantly reduce headaches associated with bruxism.

In the case of severe clenching and grinding, you may need to see a specialist for other treatment possibilities, including surgery.

Schedule a consultation to talk with Dr. Assad about the benefits of wearing a night guard.

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