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When Do I Need Extractions or Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

Kanata North Dental Office enjoys finding solutions to save your teeth and typically views extractions as a last resort. However, there may be times when removing a tooth (or teeth) makes the most sense for your overall oral health.

There are extreme circumstances when a tooth cannot be saved. Extraction is an option for the following:

  • Painful tooth
  • Tooth without enough structure remaining to work properly
  • Loose tooth due to lack of bone support around it
  • Teeth that are causing problems due to misalignment (crowding)

In such a case, Dr. Assad will explain the situation clearly and discuss tooth replacement options with you.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Is it wise to have wisdom teeth pulled? Not necessarily. However, they may need to be removed if there is a developmental problem. For example, if the jaw is not wide enough to accommodate a full set of teeth, wisdom teeth may not have the space to come in, or may cause crowding of other teeth as they appear. Wisdom teeth may grow sideways, emerge only in part, or remain inside the jaw, beneath the gum and bone.

There are circumstances when extraction is the only solution:

  • Wisdom teeth only partly erupt. Bacteria enter the opening around the tooth and cause an infection. The result is pain, swelling and jaw stiffness. It can also result in general illness.
  • If wisdom teeth are poorly aligned, chances are they will damage the teeth around them.
  • A cyst (fluid-filled sac) develops and destroys bone and tooth roots around it.

After diagnosis and control of any infection, Dr. Assad may refer you to a specialized surgeon to have your wisdom teeth removed.

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