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Align Your Smile with the Damon® System in Kanata & Ottawa

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The Damon® System, available in the Ottawa area at Kanata North Dental Office, is a versatile and universal teeth alignment system. It can be used equally well for benign misalignment problems and severe situations that require compressive orthodontic care. In fact, when Dr. Assad recommends the Damon® System, he is not only thinking of your smile now, but of the shape of your face and of your profile as you mature.

The Damon® System is minimally invasive and uses tie-less braces and high-tech archwires that apply a low-force to the teeth to align them quickly and comfortably. The low-friction slide mechanism (called self-ligating) keeps the archwires within the bracket and allows them to move freely.

Fast & Efficient Teeth Movement

There are four phases in the Damon System. Each different archwire contributes to the arch development, the resolving of rotations and to the consolidation of space. This allows for fast and efficient tooth movement. The end result is a beautiful and healthy smile in a well-balanced face.

Why Choose the Damon® System over Conventional Brackets?

  • Faster treatment that gets results in less time
  • The clips that hold the brackets in place are low-friction and low-pressure, which is proven to accelerate treatment
  • Less time spent at the dentist’s office
  • Damon® System needs fewer appointments that are spaced out longer
  • Less visible braces
  • Braces are smaller and can even be transparent
  • Greater patient comfort
  • Studies show considerably less discomfort
  • Less need for extractions and surgery
  • Most patients don't need extractions as they would with conventional braces
  • Freedom from RPEs, headgear and other appliances
  • Damon® System works successfully on arch development and prevents the use of rapid palatal expanders

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