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Dental fillings are used to repair damaged teeth. Damage to your teeth may come from a cavity (decay), a physical trauma (accident) or a defect of the tooth structure. Any of these occurrences will weaken teeth. The filling will replace the damaged part of the tooth, but it will not restore its full robustness. Skilled in fillings and the treatment of various tooth conditions, Kanata North Dental Office has a solution to protect your oral health.


Cavities are the most common physical disorder right after the common cold. What causes cavities? They start from food particles that are left in your mouth after eating. The sugar in the food particles feeds the mouth's naturally occurring bacteria. When this mix combines with saliva, it creates plaque, a film that sticks to your teeth. The acid in plaque dissolves the enamel surface of your teeth and will eventually create a hole in one or several teeth.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

You may end up with a broken or chipped tooth as a result of an accident. Sometimes the tooth is undermined by a cavity which may lead to a chip breaking away from it. In other cases, the tooth structure was weakened by a previous large restoration.

It is very possible that it won't hurt. However, you will find your tongue rasping against the shape of the break time and again.

The problem should be diagnosed quickly by Dr. Assad, who will explain treatment options and recommend the best one in your case. Kanata North Dental Office is pleased to offer emergency services to address your situation immediately.

Tooth Sensitivity and Pain

If the enamel of a tooth is defective or if a tooth root is exposed, you may experience dentinal hypersensitivity and pain. You will find that it becomes difficult to eat or drink food and beverages that are hot, cold, sweet or sour. Even brushing your teeth creates discomfort.

The base of any treatment is to insulate the tooth to eliminate, or at least considerably reduce, the sensitivity and pain. That is exactly what Dr. Assad will do by covering the tooth with a white insulating filling that will restore the damaged root structure.

Preventive Fillings

Back teeth, with all their grooves and pits for chewing, are more difficult to clean thoroughly than smooth front teeth.

However, it is possible to protect them from plaque with a plastic coating. The filling is actually a sealant that insulates the back teeth and fills the pits and grooves to prevent decay and cavities.

Preventive fillings last for many years and are a good way to ensure your dental and oral health. Ask Dr. Assad about this option at your next appointment.

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